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Trudive Freediving Snorkel Float

Trudive Freediving Snorkel Float


- Protects your snorkel from sinking during preparation and relaxation phases.
- Designed to fit over most snorkels 
- Beautiful metallic finishing with blind stitches
- Ideal for open water diving and statics
- Made of durable neoprene


    Colour: Black/ Silver/ Gold/ Blue/ Green/ Red
    Material: Smooth skin 5mm Neoprene
    Stitching Method: Blind stitches on top of adhesive seal

    CARE & MAINTENANCE: The metallic smooth skin finishing is made of titanium coating. It creates less drag underwater and is of the same material of competition wetsuits. Please be extra careful when handling the item to prevent scratches and tears, do not use your finger nails during application and removal. These quick tips will help maintain its appeal, smooth skin coating and lifespan. 



    Penisular Malaysia RM 8 ( 3-5 business days)

    East Malaysia RM 15 ( 4-7 business days)


    RM 25 ( 5-7 business days)

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