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AERO Ultra Low Volume Freediving Mask

AERO Ultra Low Volume Freediving Mask


AERO has been the best freediving mask design for some time. It is a great mask to start with for beginner freedivers working on going deeper. It looks great on any face type and has recently became the Instagram-worthy freediving mask in 2020. 


- Extremely low volume means lesser air needed to equalize your mask
- Curved lenses provide 120 degree wide-angle field of vision
- Soft silicone skirt improving fit, comfort and feel
- Hydrodynamic sleek frame and trimmed buckles reduce drag while diving
- Anti-fog lens coatings deliver crystal clear viewing 
- Dotted part on the sides of the nose allows good grip when pinching.



    Colour: Black/ White/ Pink/ Clear Glitter/ Clear White/ Clear Black/ Clear Pink/ Camou
    Material: Resin silicone with plexisol plastic lens
    Weight: 115g
    Recommended use: Ideal for freediving. Suitable for spearfishing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

    Mask Care and Maintenance: Do not use toothpaste, or other abrasive agents, as well as fingernails may scratch and ruin the anti-fog agent and plastic lenses. Store the mask in individual casing, avoid coming in contact with sands or sharp objects.



    Penisular Malaysia RM 8 ( 3-5 business days)

    East Malaysia RM 15 ( 4-7 business days)


    RM 25 ( 5-7 business days)

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