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 Freediving course for non-swimmer

An all rounded experience in freediving

Swim+Freedive is an integrated course designed by instructors in FAM mainly to prepare non-swimmer for their freediving course. This four hours program would be able to support those with a fear of water, providing them with the confidence, skills and techniques to enjoy the unique freedom that being in water can give. It also highlights some of the key swimming skills that are required in freediving such as flutter kick. 


- basic principles of: entering, standing, floating, moving and breathing in water

- floatation and balance

- buoyancy and propulsion

- treading water

- kicking

- stroke skills: freestyle or breaststroke

Taught by an experienced swimming coach, swimmers who are looking to improve their strokes are encouraged to pick up this course too. Each course is tailored to the individual’s personal needs, degree of fear, going at their own preferred pace to boost enjoyment and relaxation.



Swim lessons

4 x 1hr Pool sessions


Freefall 1


5 x 2hrs pool sessions,

4 x 1hr theory class

RM 1005


For non-swimmer

Students who prefer to follow their own pace can begin their swim lesson weekly or twice a week. Upon complete all four lessons, they could join the next available intake for Freefall 1.

For swimmer who wish to improve their strokes

Alternatively, both swimming and freediving lessons can be done on the same day with an hour break in between where the theory class would take place.  


Time: available on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Location: Cheras/ Shah Alam

Size of Class: 2-4 students (swim lessons) & 3-6 students (freediving lessons)

Join Swim+Freedive program and 

increase your chance of becoming a certified freediver

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