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CETMA Composites Carbon Fins Mantra Red

CETMA Composites Carbon Fins Mantra Red


Carbon Fiber Fins (Blades) MANTRA key features:


1) 100% IM7 carbon fibre.
2) The material used is 100% Carbon Prepreg produced with hot melt impregnation system, using a micro-toughened tetra-functional epoxy resin.
3) 3D-Tech: Proprietary Technology, of CETMA COMPOSITES exclusive know-how, with high pressure, high temperature and high degree of applied vacuum, which lead to a component with 0% void level, without defects, with a uniform matrix/reinforcement ratio across the whole blade.
4) FEM Design: MANTRA blades are optimized through an accurate Design by means of Finite Element Softwares (FEM). The Design through FEM software allows an optimized distribution of the stiffness, with the aim to obtain a deformation ensuring the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency.
5) Signature model: developed in collaboration with the world champion CWT bi fins Michele Giurgola.
6) DRS (Dynamic Resonance System) innovative and exclusive CETMA COMPOSITES system. DRS implies that MANTRA blades were designed to reach in resonance in a definite frequency of kick. Resonance phenomenon is well note physical phenomenon characterizing all the structures. Simplifying, when a structure is forced with a frequency close to its natural frequency the amplitude of vibration increase in a very efficiency way (low damping). Operating by distribution of the stiffness along the blade we “tuned” the blades to certain natural frequencies. So when the blade is driven, by kicking, with a certain frequencies range the user feeling is a very low effort with an outrageous thrust. This study is done using a laser vibrometer (LDV) to perform a modal analysis, which helps in a stiffness distribution design of the blade.
7) Dimensions: Width 195 mm; Length from the bending angle 742 mm; Bending angle 33 degrees.
8) Water rail: CETMA COMPOSITES Water rails with variable height and high efficiency.

Designed, engineered & produced in ITALY


Appointment could be set up for footpocket size fitting, please drop us a message or WhatsApp 012-9762311. 

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